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  • Introduction

    bigpicIt is essential that members read the notices on the notice board in the clubhouse in order to familiarize themselves with handicaps, competitions, social functions, changes in local rules, club rules, outings, rules & conditions of competitions, etc.Members playing on club teams are requested to wear the official club jumper.
    Members should be familiar with the RULES OF GOLF and should consult the book if in doubt. The section on ETIQUETTE and COURTESY is essential reading for all.
    Only fully paid up members are entitled to participate in competitions or be selected on club teams after March 31st.
    Juniors (under 14) are not allowed on course after 6:00pm.
    Golf shoes should only be worn in changing rooms.
    Caddy cars or golf bags are not allowed in the clubhouse.
    Membership discs must be displayed in a prominent place on golf bags.
    Park cars in an orderly manner.
    Clean golf shoes & caddy cars after play in wash area.

  • Safety on the Course

    bigpicGolfers are advised that there are dangers inherent in the game of golf. All golfers - being aware of such dangers - should exercise due care and attention whilst enjoying the use of the course. 

    • Prior to playing a stroke or making a practice swing, the player should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the ball, club or any other materials which may be moved by the stroke or swing. 
    • If playing a blind shot, always check visually that it is safe to play. 
    • Always ensure that players in front are out of range. 
    • If you allow players through, do not play until they have passed out of range. 
    • If your ball is heading towards other players shout 'FORE' loudly and in good time. 
    • Please ring bells at 2nd and 9th tees and on the 11th fairway. 
    • Players putting on the 4th green should allow those on 2nd tee to drive off. 
    • Players on 8th and 12th tees should drive off immediately after each other and leave the teeing area together.
    •  Players on the 11th tee should not drive while players are putting on the 17th green
      Players on 17th tee should not drive until it is safe to do so. 
    • Speed of play is very desirable but should never be at the expense of safety.

  • Priority on the course

    • In the absence of special rules, two ball matches should have precedence over and be entitled to pass any three or fourball match.
    • A single player has no standing and should give way to a match of any kind.
    • Any match, playing a whole round is entitled to pass a match playing a shorter round.
    • If a match fails to keep its place on the course and loses more than one clear hole on the players in front, it should allow the match following to pass.
    • Players searching for a ball should signal to the players behind them to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not be easily found; they should not search for five minutes before doing so.
    • When playing the 14th - please observe regulations as stated on notice at tee i.e, play balls on to green; mark them; allow those behind play tee shots; then complete play of hole.
    • Lady members hold competitions on Tuesday and senior members hold competitions on Wednesdays. Players taking part in those competitions should be given priority on first tee at their arranged times. Competitions for junior/juvenile members are arranged at various times during the year and the above arrangements re priority should also apply to them.